Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm selling my 1929 National Triolian with a BAKELITE neck, serial number A 1317.

Here is what I know about it:

Bakelite-neck Nationals were made from about February 1929 to August 1930 for a production total of around 1800 instruments.

The idea was that the new miracle plastic Bakelite (Phenolic resin, made from carbolic acid and formaldehyde, invented around 1910 by Leo Baekeland) would be an ideal replacement for wood – durable and stable, and not affected by changes in room temperature and humidity.
It could be poured into molds and not require major woodworking tools or equipment.

But Bakelite-neck Nationals are quite rare, for two main reasons.

First, they weren’t made for long because Bakelite turned out to be less stable than the designers hoped, even with the steel rod inserted on later models and the experiment was discontinued.

Second, National went so far as to recall the Bakelite models and re-neck them with wooden necks, so this reduced the number of models in circulation.

Playing it in my room at The Hotel Chelsea.

I purchased it at Dan's Chelsea Gutars in NYC.

I played it in the Nicholas Cage movie 'DRIVE ANGRY."

Playing it at Lead Belly's grave.

It plays great and sounds great!
I'm asking $3500 but make me your best offer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mud Bug Madness, MatthewMania, and a friend is ordained...

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‎"What happens next is more important than what has just happened,"
My favorite line delivered at the ordination of Barbara Jarrell.
I went to see my buddy, Matthew Davidson and words cannot describe the vitality that was generated at his stage. Of course sound was being done by top-notch Ad-Lib Sound professionals, Mike Arceneaux & Cynthia Walker.
I made it home just in time to shower (it was hot today, y'all) and change clothes for The Reverend Barbara Jarrell's ordination.
Today there was a lot of happening next...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Second Album: This Is The Fun Stuff!!

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Click here to buy my CDs.

So, Chris Alexander(aka Mister Christopher), of "Why The Hell Not Music" comes to me and says, "We’re doing a big release party at the Warehouse on February 9th....wanna put out another CD?" I sorta had a few tracks leftover that didn’t go on the "25 Things" CD and a few other songs that I really wanted to record, so I said, "WHY THE HELL NOT?!!" Next, Derrell Stephens came in with a demo of some songs he was going to pitch up in Nashville. "Whatcha think?" he asked. I’m not much of a judge of country music, but I loved the production. "Ummm, where did you record those songs?" I asked.
Turns out, it’s a great little studio up in Nash, Texas (right outside of Texarkana...check my top friends for their site) called Smart Productions. Derrell (also in my top friends) put me in touch with them and time was booked! Next, I assembled the "A" team: Mark Griffith on lead guitar, Rick Willis on bass guitar, Jim Obrien on drums and Cookie Garner on background vocals and percussion. Our stalwart band headed north where we met Matt Whattley, who engineered, mixed and mastered 5 of the newer tracks on the CD. He seemed to really get what we were going for, and I believe he delivered!! So now the ALBUM IS OUT and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!! ...This is the fun stuff!!